Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Into the Wild + eddie vedder = Amazing score

For those who don't know about Into the Wild, it is a story about Christopher Mccandless ( It's an amazing story. If you havn't read the book, go do so. And see the movie.

We're hear to talk about music though.

The soundtrack was written and performed by Eddie Vedder (lead singer of Pearl Jam).

I'm not usually a fan of Pearl Jam's stuff, but this album really explored the nature of Into the Wild. A remake of the song Society is one of the high points.

The high point of the album is the final song, guaranteed. The song is based on a few chords and Vedders "golden baritone" voice.

Although the songs won't speak to everyone give this album a chance. If are a nature enthusist or are a fan of the book/movie, definetley check this one out.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Need moar music!

Yay post!

What I've been listening to:
  • Radiohead (still)
  • MGMT
  • Swollen Members (cause I'm a G)
  • Slightly Stoopid
  • Pepper

Lately I've been getting into mellow reggae stuff. Like above mentioned slightly stoopid and pepper.

Things to write about soon
- Reggae
- Metal
- Rap
- Headphones(?)

More coming later today.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Broken Social Scene

Genre: Indie, Canadian indie supergroup,

Broken Social Scene is a great band that has laid inspiration to bands such as Bloc Party, Franz Ferdinand, and other guitar rock bands.

One of the most unique things about the band is the use of nineteen members. Yes, nineteen members. Each member of the band has a distinct musical influence. It features the sounds of guitars, orchestra, woodwind, and unusual sound structures.

The main component of BSS is that their focus of music is BIG. It seems as if the band writes songs that would sounds amazing in a giant arena.

Most songs have a unique beat with some interesting bass tunes thrown in. The vocals are what make the band seem larger than life.

Songs such as Windsurfing Nation, Swimmers, Lovers spit, and 7/4 (shoreline), have a defined feel to them.

The lead vocalists switch from show to show based on their seperate bands state of tour. BSS found a permanent female vocalist in 2005, lisa lobsinger, while Kevin Drew makes up the male component.

Overall the band presents a cleaver, upbeat expression of music that is perfect for those who enjoy a variety of songs or action goers.

Official Site -

To listen - go to
Underneath videos it says "song clip" click there.

*note* I'm trying to figure out a way to add music into the blog, if you know of a way please email me.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Playlist - July 14th, 08

Here's whats on for today --

  • Turn It Out - Death From Above 1979
  • Razorblade Salvation - Jedi Mind Tricks
  • Stockholm Syndrome - Muse
  • Mellow Mood - Slightly Stoopid
  • Toxicity - System of a Down
That's one way to mix genres.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

The Radio - A look at the "popularity" of music.

Radio is everywhere. In your car, at your job, on your computer, even on your TV. Radio is one of the best ways for bands to become known and make money. I've noticed a change in radio lately though.

It used to be that stations were deticated to playing music of a certain group or genre and that you would only hear the really good songs more than once. It seems as if radio is becoming another way for corperations such to own and control the likes of people who listen to music.

I'm talking mostly about local radio stations that only play the "cool" music such as the latest hip hop song about poppin hoes or a punk rock band signing about love. The problem is that it's a chicken/egg situation that snowballs out of control until the only songs that people listen to are those that have been on the radio for more than two days.

If you ask somebody if they've heard a song, it's doubtfull that they have unless its been in the top 20 of billboard top hot 100.

I feel that most artists these days are trying to capitalize on music as a way to expand their empire. It's a shame for real artists who put their heart into all of their music because they're getting shafter to people who have more publicity.

In all honesty the best thing a music lover can do is to branch out from their music comfort zone and support artists whose passion is music.

Now I'm asking you the question, is radio good or bad for REAL artists?


Genre: Alternative Rock

I'll probably be a little biased on this band seeing as it's one of my long time favorites.

Radiohead is a unique band, offering a wide spectrum of songs from slow and dramatic to fast and poetic. Their lead singer (Thom York) has a nack for developing a song into a artistic piece of lyrical goodness within the first half of the song. Almost all of their songs are crypict and appear to mean one thing on the surface, but have a completely different meanign alltogether.

Arguably the most famous song "creep" is a perfect example of a radio-song. The bands first released song was thought to be the bands one hit wonder. Similar to many of the tracks on their debut alumb, creep starts slow toying with the emotions of the protagonist and builds up to a choris of self revelation and longing to be "special".

In my opinion, the bands best album is Hail to the Theft which serves as a turning point from guitar rock and mild electronics into a band that focuses on lyric distortion and musical artwork.
After Hail to the Thief comes In Rainbows, this years release.

If you enjoy finding the meaning to lyrics you could spend days going over each album trying to uncover the secrets of each note. This band is not for those looking for fast paced "rock out" singles.

Favored Songs
-Jigsaw Falling Into Place
-Weird Fishes / Apreggi

Related Artists
-Modest Mouse
-Pink Floyd
-Sonic Youth
-Rob Dougan

The Moldy Peaches

Genre: Indie acustic guitar mixed with a folkish beat.

I recently watched Juno with a couple of friends and heard a couple of songs by The Moldy Peaches and Kimya Dawson (lead vocals alongside Adam Green) and I'm really digging their sound.

The instramental side of the music isn't too deep, generally just very few chords pasted over a basic beat (if any at all). However the real music really shines through on the dream like vocals that make the songs seem to come off in a dream like state. The lyrics depict a slew of stoires told from past experiances and relate to the lives of most people in one way or another. Although the overall feel of the band is laid back, the songs are undoubtedly catchy and will be stuck in your head for awhile.

Favored tracks
- Anyone Else But You
- Nothing Came Out

Related Arists
-Cold War Kids
- Pavement